Commitment to: Depth or Distraction?

“Commitment is a profound decision to take our own journey and spiritual life seriously. We alone must take responsibility for what evolves in this life, and until we step into that process with true engagement, we will be halfhearted. Commitment in this sense requires heart; it requires courage and the readiness to see that life is too precious to simply mess around frivolously. Commitment is about more than joining a club or enrolling in some external course of training: it is a dedication to our true nature or true potential.

If this is so, why does it feel so frightening? Perhaps because we know somewhere that there is no escape from the reality of our life. We are masters of avoidance and take refuge endlessly in relatively meaningless things that provide an illusion of safety, ease, and happiness. We may work incredibly hard to create this security and yet eventually see through the illusion. Commitment to a spiritual path is a deep-rooted turning around in our life to see that what leads to liberation is living with full awareness.”

Rob Preece. "The Wisdom of Imperfection. The Challenge of Individuation in Buddhist Life." Snow Lion Publications, Ithaca NY, 2006.

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