Weakest Link?

There's a saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In some ways this applies not only to mechanical devices, but to human beings as well. What does it take for most of us to at least temporarily "lose it" - forget everyone & everything we value, including our own self-respect? Is it the sudden momentarily irresistible lure of wealth, sex, power, revenge, fame?

Every day we hear of individuals who threw their life away in some ridiculous "short-term gain" debacle: financial planners suddenly disappearing with their families', friends', & clients' life savings; lawyers defrauding clients; surgeons caught performing unnecessary major surgeries; and the list of betrayals goes on & on. And it's not only the victims who are betrayed. Perpetrators betray themselves most of all. Isn't "sold their soul to the devil" an apt old saying?

What is MY greatest weakness? What is MY life worth? Isn't it worth seriously investigating these questions through deep meditative self-reflection?

If we don't carefully examine & deal wisely with our frailties, worth & values, aren't we risking recklessly foolish behavior?

The Lumineers: "Stubborn Love"

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