Coming Home

What visceral feelings arise when you think of "home"?

For some, "home" is mainly about safety, love, nurturing, good food, and a place where you can just relax and be yourself.

For others, home life was (and perhaps still is) challenging, traumatic, perhaps even dangerous.

Nevertheless, the idea of what "home" is supposed to be remains so strong for many of us, that children taken away from abusive parents, when given the option of foster care, typically ask to return home.

Joseph Campbell's model of the hero's / heroine's journey describes how we seek answers to life's fundamental questions - Who am I? & Why am I here? - in the outside world, often far from home, only to come full circle, appreciating the Buddhist saying: 'nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one to be.' Or, as Jon Kabat-Zinn wrote, 'wherever you go, there you are.'

All the ideals we initially seek externally - in others, in material things, in adventures etc are, and have always been, who we are - our inherent nature. Recognizing and living in congruence with our own inherent amazing qualities, is authentic living - truly "as good as it gets". This is the ideal "home" we have sought all our life - a home that's always "at hand", right here, right now.

No matter what the ever-changing external conditions of our lives happen to be like moment-to-moment, we are: awareness, kindness, peace, stillness, silence, timelessness.

Welcome home!

Agricola Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia

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