What's it all about?

Our consumer culture is almost exclusively about materialism & self-centeredness. This contrasts sharply with deep, meaningful living promoted by the world's wisdom traditions (eg Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc). The average person's understanding of spiritual matters is frighteningly low. The recent Chilcot Report, and the fact that 14 million Americans support Donald Trump, paint a frightening picture of our current society's level of consciousness.

We assume that our primitive automatic stream of conditioned reactivity is our actual identity - who we are, and that this is normal, unchangeable, just how life is. Western psychology calls identification with this 'story of me' cognitive fusion and tries to cure it. Buddhist psychology calls it delusion, and through various practices, including meditation, helps us wake up from it to see & experience directly how things really are, who we really are.

Meant to be a joke, but for too many it's reality!

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