Remembering, Coming Back Home

We often judge our life - in this moment - as flawed, wrong, less than ideal. Our buttons get pushed, and we tumble back into the old painful story of me - our contracted "small self":

Understandably, we wish to escape to a better place, or at least to a better state of mind. During meditation, we may strive very hard in the misguided hope that enlightenment is the escape route - "a state of mind that can be acquired or achieved. [HOWEVER] what is traditionally called enlightenment has nothing to do with a state of the mind. It has nothing to do with what is not present at one time, and becomes present at another time. What is traditionally called enlightenment is a revelation of the ever-present nature of the mind.

By expecting enlightenment as a state of mind that will come upon us in the future, we are denying the reality that is already present.” Rupert Spira

Quoted from "Meditation: Bringing Expectation to an End":

Blue Sky & Clouds Metaphor:

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