WHEN is it a Good Time?

So often people tell me how they'd love to start meditating but right now are too busy, too stressed, etc, etc, etc.

“… only 10 percent of us will die suddenly. The rest of us will face many choices about how to live with illness and how we live our dying."

So far, two people I know, missed opportunities to establish a meditation practice when their life was relatively easy & uncomplicated. Now advanced disease and age makes learning to meditate far, far more challenging for them.

Right now might be an excellent time to establish a regular meditation practice! Practicing mindfulness meditation can markedly improve one's quality of life, including when seriously ill and dying.

"… to live fully means to have a mind that is peaceful … to appreciate your life and to be open to all possibilities. … being curious about life’s journey, and cultivating a sense of ease, as well as meaning, even though the road may have many twists and turns. … accepting all of life, even the hard parts, and when it means we must face our dying, then living that dying fully.”

Susan Bauer-Wu. "Leaves Falling Gently. Living Fully with Serious & Life-limiting Illness through Mindfulness, Compassion & Connectedness." New Harbinger, Oakland CA, 2011.

Artist: Robert Pope


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