An Undivided Mind & Life

When we started to meditate, we noticed that our mind is often surprisingly (read disappointingly) feral - far from the slick, efficient computer we had hoped to find. We're advised not to judge, but accept reality as it is. This is hard to do - we want to whip the old mind into shape, the faster the better. We're advised not to strive, to let go of clockwatching (time-poverty), to be gentle & patient, not to sweat about goals, be more process-oriented - "in the moment" - "just this is enough".

Then we gradually sense that we're observing the noisy, busy mind from a peaceful, still, objective "place". When we observe from quiet and stillness, we feel that we're not "there," trapped in the feral mind. Some become strongly attached to the peace, stillness, balance, creativity and wisdom found during meditation practice. Others strongly prefer, and in fact wish to remain completely identified with their busy mind. Either choice is divisive. Living a divided life is very common BUT unbalanced. We can't function properly when we live from only a part of the totality of our being. Both "sides" of our consciousness are required to live a complete, healthy life. Health is about balance & wholeness.

Our job in meditation and life is to discover, know clearly, & accept the totality of who we are, and then wisely, authentically, seamlessly embody that wholeness.



St. George's Island, Nova Scotia

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