Exceeding Expectations

Many of us deeply hold the expectation that Mindfulness meditation will put us into a trance, transporting us to our happy place. And if we master this trick, we'll perpetually float on a fluffy cloud, well above life's difficulties & hassles. This is NOT at all how Mindfulness works.

NORMALLY (without hypnosis or Mindfulness) most of us, are in a trance, most of the time! In other words, our attention is normally scattered, entangled in stories of the past, future, and other imaginary worlds.

When, through Mindfulness practice, we're able to see this "monkey mind" clearly, we're very surprised and disappointed. Clearly seeing this noisy, scattered mind holds a critical clue. Nevertheless, our natural reaction is to try hard to quickly force our mind to behave - another mistake.

Clearly observing and slowly learning through repeated mistakes, we skillfully tame our mind. We commit to ongoing training in acceptance, patience and kindness. This deep education generalizes outwards into our daily life, positively influencing everything we do, and all those with whom we interact.

Engage wholeheartedly with real life OR try to escape reality? More & more choose the former.

See also: http://mindfulnessforeveryone.blogspot.ca/search?q=misconceptions

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