In some ways, we're all equal. We all want to be happy; none of us wants to suffer. We each have some sense of being part of a larger order of things. Each of us is humbled by the immensity of the universe - the inconceivable distances & numbers of stars & galaxies beyond earth.

In other ways, we're not equal. We each have unique capacities for, & perspectives on, just about everything. We each have a unique idea of the nature of the "big picture" & how we might relate to it. And perhaps most importantly, we differ considerably in the degree to which we feel "at home" within our body, family, neighbourhood, world, and life in general. This markedly influences how we relate & behave:

A conscious, flexible, loving relationship is nurturing - helps our whole system flourish.

An unexamined, rigid fear-based sense of separateness or estrangement is stressful - adds friction, dysfunction & confusion to our whole system.

See: http://mindfulnessforeveryone.blogspot.ca/2014/11/597-flow-with-or-rigidly-oppose-life.html

We all know the way home, but seem to need to explore & process some dark matter along the way. So we contribute our unique ratio of stress and nurturing. But we're all homeward bound.

Photo: Mike Lovas

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