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It's so quick & easy, especially today, to slam other people for their bad behaviour.

Something in us is anxious to instantly eliminate perceived external threats. Hence the popularity of cutting others to shreds with our words; re-emergence of hate-mongering politicians & clerics; and shameless terrorism, war, capital punishment & other forms of killing.

Black-and-white thinking provides a very clear, easy message: we're the good guys; they're the bad guys; if you're not with us, you're against us. A proportion of people around the world simply don't have the education, psychosocialspiritual maturity, or the mental health to recognize shades of gray.

There is terrible behaviour out there. But how impatient am I to eliminate the things I fear out there? How clearly do I see my own "dark side"?

Self-acceptance is not easy, but it allows me to see my own potential to behave unskillfully. This insight brings with it humility, and allows me to be less judgmental of others. This process decreases my impatience to reach some ideal of perfection in myself, and others.

It's important to remember that the billions of daily acts of loving-kindness, generosity and altruism go unreported. Our task is to patiently persevere, and never, ever give up:

Seaport Market, Halifax NS

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