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Embracing Opposites

Practicing sitting & other forms of meditation, initially is mainly about learning to tolerate all the "obstructions" that arise, and interfere with (our idea of) having a 'good' meditation. We struggle to put up with our incompetence. We feel 'tight' physically, mentally & emotionally.

Slowly, gradually, patiently, we learn to fully accept our "monkey-mind": relentless self-talk, restlessness, twitchiness, sleepiness, time-poverty, obsessive planning, daydreaming, fantasizing, boredom, etc, etc, etc.

We get so used to finding that our mind's wandered off for the millionth time (an underestimation!) that we stop reacting altogether when we notice it, and actually may start finding it endearing, and return to "just this" seamlessly - without ANY reaction at all. We hold this "inner child" aspect of our self in kind awareness, feeling the warmth radiating from our open, relaxed chest.

The inner friction between our "wise grandparent" and "noisy ego" seems to be resolving. Embracing apparent opposites is a qualitative shift from "black or white" thinking. Maybe now we're beginning to see things more clearly, as they actually are, and less likely to inflict (externalize, project) our hangups (neuroses) on others & the rest of the world.

Seattle, WA

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