Come Together, Right Now

The next time you feel lousy, check in! See if you might be scattered "all over the map." Chances are your life force is fragmented. See if you can get your act together, COMPLETELY - mind-heart-body - right here, so you can wholemindheartedly give all you've got to whoever/whatever you're with, right now.

Nobody likes feeling torn apart, living a divided life, operating at a fraction of one's capacity. In fact the high points of our life are uniformly characterized by total engagement with someone or something. These high points are memorable partly because they feel wonderful, but also because they're so infrequent and short-lived.

High points are rare and fleeting mainly because we train incessantly at being distracted. When we work so hard to remain scattered, it really does become an improbable coincidence when our act comes together.

In mindfulness practice, we clearly see how distracted we normally are. We experience how stressful it is to be constantly distracted. And we also experience how pleasant it is when our mind is "collected" - uncluttered, stable, peacefully being with on just one object of awareness. We experience the surprising fact that it doesn't matter WHAT our awareness rests on, the fact that our mind rests in awareness is what feels wonderful. And of course our mind can only rest in awareness when our entire being is collected and engaged with the same object of awareness.

During formal mindfulness practice we learn the new habit of repeatedly gathering our complete being in the now, engaging in "just this," regardless of who / what that may be. As this new habit becomes increasingly well-established, we feel progressively more at home.

Courtesy of Buddha Doodles

Courtesy of Buddha Doodles

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