Practicing Improves Performance

Wow! That's probably not a new concept for you, and yet ...

How many decades have you spent admiring things you can't now (or ever will be able to) have, and feel hurt, each & every time, that this is so? Practicing like this repeatedly, is resulting in hurting yourself progressively more efficiently!

"But that's me - I can't help it!" Really? Identifying with a self-defeating habit is very common, but completely a matter of choice. By stepping back a bit from our doing mode, and bringing a bit of awareness into our life, we notice repetative habits and immediately recognize where they always lead. As soon as we recognize one of our self-defeating habits, we can wisely choose to let it go & weaken it. Or we can choose once more to train it to become stronger. Eventually, we'll probably choose wisely more often than not, and the "force of habit" will dissipate.

There are a number of interesting ways of looking at the above powerful scenario:


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