Returning & Remaining

WHILE we feel safe & loved, our CONSCIOUSNESS ENGAGES in exploration, play, & cooperation.

WHILE we feel frightened & unwanted, it ENGAGES in managing feelings of fear & abandonment.

Bessel Van Der Kolk. “The Body Keeps the Score. Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma.” Penguin Books, 2015. (Words in block letters are my understanding)

So how can we come to feel safe & loved in this challenging world in which many instead feel justifiably frightened & unwanted? Is it possible that mindfulness meditation practice, during which we intentionally practice being present, curious, open-minded & playful in a safe holding environment, allows us to progressively feel increasingly more relaxed, safe & loved? Can we allow ourselves to FEEL innocent, light, warm open chest, playfully open & curious "don't know mind"?

Can we notice as soon as possible when desires (must haves), aversions (must avoids), & delusions SHIFT us FROM wise consciousness INTO primitive stressful survival consciousness?

Can we continuously, effortlessly persevere, “learning to return" and "training to remain” (Loch Kelly) to & in our peaceful, wise wisdom level of consciousness?

"Let Go" Buddha Doodles Pillow

"Let Go" Buddha Doodles Pillow

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