Trauma Spares No One

“I should have been alerted to the ubiquity of trauma by the fact that three of the first patients I ever cared for were young women on an outpatient psychiatric ward who each attempted suicide after breaking up with their boyfriends. Their experiences were all similar. The stability and security they were counting on suddenly vanished. The earth moved and their worlds collapsed. While I helped them recover, it took me many more years to understand that their reactions were far from unique. They were impulsive, young, vulnerable, and full of unrealistic expectations, but they were being forced to deal with an uncomfortable truth that we all have to face in one form or another. Trauma is an indivisible part of human existence. It takes many forms but spares no one.

... trauma, in any of its forms, is not a failure or a mistake. It is not something to be ashamed of, not a sign of weakness, and not a reflection of inner failure. It is simply a fact of life."

Mark Epstein. "The Trauma of Everyday Life." Penguin Press, 2013.

Courtesy of Buddha Doodles

Courtesy of Buddha Doodles

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