"It Don't Come Easy"

We're drawn to meditation from a deep desire to improve the quality of our lives. We learn the practice, but unfortunately, most of us fail to integrate meditation into daily life. Useful tips on how we can: http://jglovas.wixsite.com/awarenessnow/single-post/2017/02/08/Consistent-Meditation-Practice

So meditation appears simple, http://mindfulnessforeveryone.blogspot.ca/2017/02/734-mindfulness-components.html but "it don't come easy." During meditation we clearly see our life - the highs, lows, & large helpings of in-betweens - "the full catastrophe!" Even more challenging is clearly seeing the mind's highly-conditioned tendency to add all sorts of unnecessary suffering & confusion to our already challenging life.

We're very goal-oriented & want immediate relief from all of this. However, success in most endeavors, perhaps especially mindfulness, comes from being process-oriented. This means carefully attending to the details of getting to the goal (instead of focusing on the goal itself). In mindfulness, this means engaging kindly, patiently, with an open heart-mind, with "just this" - no matter who or what, right here, right now. We cultivate infinite patience, kindness & acceptance of how we / others / things actually are - perfectly imperfect.

No, it doesn't come easily, nor quickly. However, with intelligent, kind, patient, consistent practice, we literally re-wire & re-condition our brain (neuroplasticity) and experience profound benefits.

“We get in government, or really any situation in life, we get the reflection of our own consciousness. We can’t really complain about what we have, because that is us – a reflection of our own being. Now if we could have people who are actually conscious in a spiritual sense …” George Harrison, from his last public performance

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