Seeking Authenticity

We waste so much time & energy striving to get elsewhere - hoping that once we get there, we'll be happy, fulfilled. This means rarely actually being right here, right now!

Such is our common dualistic perspective: clinging to wishes (& regrets); aversion to what is; and feeling alone in a supposedly hostile universe. This is a very stressful way to live! Yet most of us simply assume that it's "just the way life is."

But wisdom traditions all portray a very different (ultimate) reality. In comparison, our relative or concensus reality is "upside-down." Wisdom traditions assure us that when we stop escaping, we experience the profound peace and authentic happiness we so desire, which is actually always right here, right now!

A qualitatively different, non-dualistic way of perceiving and being in the world is always immediately available. With practice, we can release the unskillful habits that keep us adrift and alienated in duality.

So meditation practice is not about striving to escape our self-talk, discomforts, difficulties, or any other circumstances. Meditation is simply remembering to rest in silence & stillness, with an open heart-mind, fully aware of whatever the everchanging present moment holds.

Photo: Dave Lovas

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