Seriously ???

As soon as the old "story of our life" pops up (for the millionth time) we feel its familiar achingly tiresome presence. We have 2 choices: invite it to stay & drag us down the sink hole - OR - laugh & ask SERIOUSLY ???

It actually IS completely our choice. At some point, we simply choose to let "the story" be, let it pass right through us like a breeze through a fish net, so we can get on with whatever we're doing. Anything beats re-living old nightmares!

Research now shows that being mindfully engaged in the present moment, regardless if the particular activity is conventionally considered pleasant, neutral or unpleasant, is agreeable, in fact more agreeable than going to one's "happy place". Killingsworth MA, Gilbert DT. A wandering mind is an unhappy mind. Science 2010; 330(6006): 932.

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