Dignified Physical AND Mental Posture

“I used to suffer terribly about my meditation practice, because I was completely certain that it was never good enough – and probably it never was good enough, when I was being so negative about it. What helped was realizing that, first of all, there needs to be a sense of well-being – a sense of self-respect – as the very foundation of our practice. If we start off with our meditation practice from a sense of being unworthy, hopeless and no good, we easily lose track. It’s like a vicious circle. There can be a sense of tension, of frustration around the whole practice – a sense that it’s no good, and we need to try harder. So we try harder, and end up feeling completely miserable and discouraged about our meditation. But it’s really important to remember that the Buddha offered these Teachings and way of practice, out of compassion for our welfare, for our happiness – not to make us feel miserable and discouraged.” Ajahn Candisiri

Excerpt from: Aruna Publications. “Seeing The Way Volume 2.” iBooks.


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